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Holtsville.com offers Vanity Email for Just $2.99* a Month!!!

Are you from Holtsville? Why not have an email address that has meaning to you and the people that you give it out to? Holtsville is in your address and it should be in your email address as well. You don’t have to have a meaningless email address such as “john_smith_120170@yahoo.com” or “mary_jones031470@hotmail.com” or all the other email addresses that mean nothing to you and say nothing about you. Now you can have an easy to remember email address and be “john.smith@Holtsville.com” or ”mary.jones@Holtsville.com” or “who.ever@Holtsville.com”. Get your Email Address NOW while there are still plenty of good names available. These names are available on a First come – First serve basis.

Additional Features

Personal/Professional Brand: With your @Holtsville.com Email address, your identity is not tied to your job, internet service provider, or your email brand of the moment. Your brand is important. Upgrade yourself to an online identity with a real impact and meaning. With @Holtsville.com giving out your email becomes a unique and impressive personal branding opportunity.

Portability: Your @Holtsville.com address is portable. If you ever change your internet service provider (ISP), your @Holtsville.com email address can travel with you. There is no need to worry about contacting all the people you know each time you change your internet service provider.

Private & Secure: With your @Holtsville.com EMail, we do not hold your email messages. You do! Use your existing email provider of your choice. Our infrastructure is compatible with most email providers, such as GMail, AOL, Yahoo, Live, Hotmail, etc.

To get your Holtsville.com Email Address, begin by completing the for located on the right side of this page. We will begin the process of setting up your email address and contact you with further instructions.


*Standard Vanity Email is Billed Annually at $35.88 total. Premium Email Prices Vary. There is No Contract and No Commitment, with auto-renewal until cancellation.

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